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MML Identity + Website


FEED and Pixel Circus in Montreal collaborate on a new identity and website for the MML.

Research & Design Collaborators: Etienne Bourque-Viens (Pixel Circus), Raphaël Daudelin (FEED), Michael Longford (York University), Anouk Pennel (FEED)

For the MML identity we wanted to develop a system that was modular, mobile, and scalable that could be used in a range of applications including cards, stickers, rubber stamps, packing tape, and a website.

To develop the identity, Montreal designers Raphaël Daudelin and Anouk Pennel (FEED) worked with two open-source applications, Scriptographer and Fontstruct to create more then 60 symbols which, suggested circuit boards, maps, buildings, and a city. These symbols can be used independently or layered one over another to create an MML identity that is constantly changing and will mutate over time.

The symbols can also be combined with a custom designed word mark or used in conjunction with MML Mono, a typeface designed exclusively for the lab.

For the website FEED collaborated with Etienne Bourque-Viens from Pixel Circus to create a site providing a virtual link to the MML co-located in Montreal and Toronto.

FEED Pixel Circus